CLLC welcomes parents, community, and professional volunteers to be a part of our family. We
have many ways you can share your time.

Volunteer In Classroom:

  • Play with the children during Center time
  • Play with the children on the playground
  • Read a book to the children
  • Share your profession with the children
  • Substitute for a teacher
  • Assist a classroom teacher with special activities
  • Assist at CLLC parties and events
  • Take home activities that need to be cut out for teachers
  • Collect materials for your child(ren)’s classroom
  • Make items for your child(ren)’s classroom

Other Volunteer Activities:

  • Help maintain our garden
  • File library books
  • Donate “Teacher Wish List” supplies
  • Participate in school fundraisers
  • Donate to scholarship fund