Christ Lutheran Learning Center (CLLC) cares for your child like you would.

Education and development are very important, but we know that nothing matters more than the security, safety, and health of your child. That is why protection, preparedness and health are critical considerations in everything we do.


✦ Christ Lutheran Church has installed a security system for the safety of our preschool, staff and congregation. During school hours all exterior doors are kept locked. To enter the building you must ring the door bell to gain access. Once you have enrolled your child at our preschool, you will be entered into our security system which will then allow you to enter the building without having to ring the doorbell.
✦ Every CLLC staff member possesses certifications in CPR and First Aid, and we have an established emergency preparedness plan in place. We practice fire, severe weather, and lockdown drills that are age appropriate. We also have a contingency plan for emergency evacuations.
✦ Written permission is necessary before anyone other than parents or other designated persons may pick up your child from school. Anyone picking up your child who is unknown to the school staff will be asked to show a picture identification card before your child will be released.
✦We conduct criminal background checks to verify the trustworthiness of our staff. We strive to provide the best, honest care, and education for your child.


✦ We strive to ensure the safety of our students through constant supervision, effective arrangement of space, and proper maintenance of equipment. We ensure that all exits remain clear for access, we use safety gates when necessary, and cap all electrical outlets to name a few.
✦ Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are located through our building.
✦ Our playground equipment is safe, sturdy and checked monthly to ensure it is secure and in good working conditions. We have safe fall zones with soft landing areas if your child takes a tumble. The playground is enclosed with a fence to guarantee the safety of children during outdoor activities. Our playground adheres to all federal safety guidelines.


✦ In order to keep our students healthy, we plan and conduct an effective child development program to meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of each child. We strive to create a pleasant inviting classroom atmosphere in which children can feel comfortable and secure.
✦ Our staff assesses every child’s health daily by talking with parents and monitoring for symptoms. A child who becomes ill while at CLLC will be removed from the classroom in order to limit exposure. The child will be sent to the office to wait for his/her parent to arrive.
✦ We encourage children to eat healthy foods and wash their hands throughout the day by teaching lessons about health and hygiene.
✦ We clean our center each day with safe, non-toxic cleaning products. We also sanitize toys daily to help prevent the spread of germs.

Scraped knees are a part of growing up, but you can have confidence that your child is cared for in a safe, secure, nurturing environment everyday. For additional information please refer to our Parent Handbook.

Christ Lutheran Learning Center operates in compliance with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services minimum standards.